There’s someone who don’t want ya’ll praying for me!

Man, the level of static and resistance is high today! Yesterday too. All kinds of interference. Disappearing pages, videos that won’t load. My brain feels like sludge as I am trying to study, and organize my thoughts to write a post.

Hanging out in the book of Matthew today. Expository study. As opposed to just reading directly through the books of the Bible, parking in one spot and kind of like an archeological excavation, do some deep-digging, see what-all I can discover.

For the past several years I was trying to get a sort of comprehensive grasp of the totality of scripture. Not learning things like “the first 5 books are the pentateuch” but rather getting the essence of content of those books. Then the law, then the prophets, etc. When you grow up in church, you acquire bits and pieces. I wanted to scan through my memory banks with my open Bible and put things in their proper order, place, and context.

I want to glean out all the knowledge and understanding the Bible has in it, and I want the Holy Spirit to be my teacher. The problem is, it’s like a starving woman taken to an all you can eat buffet. I can’t take in as much as I want to, digest, ruminate. Microwave and instant this and that, and search engines have ruined me.

I learned something new today in the geniology passage  in Matthew 1. Specifically vs 17.

“So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and all the generations from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away to Babylon to Christ are fourteen generations”

I am always interested in God’s patterns, especially with numbers. So I looked into the significance in scripture of the number 14.

In Hebrew alphabet, the 14th letter is called Nun (pronounced noon). In aramaic, Nun means fish! It makes an “N” sound, and it’s numeric value is 50. Not 14.

14 is the Jewish gematria for the name David (in Hebrew) and it’s meaning in Hebrew is “beloved”. The Hebrew letters look like this: דָּוִד

The values being 4+6+4=14

In scripture, 14 is related to deliverance!

Isn’t that cool! You think reading the Bible in Hebrew would be an even richer experience of it? I do! The Hebrew alphabet even each have their own musical pitches! I have heard the psalms literally played on harp and other traditional stringed instruments. I have a cd of it around here somewhere. It is AMAZING and gave me chills. Isn’t God’s voice described as “like a trumpet”? That’s musical!

Anyway, that was just one neat little rabbit trail I gleaned from today.

Why do Sunday school teachers and preachers try to teach us “stuff that is in the Bible” without first teaching us how to study the Bible? There are probably many possible answers to that question. In this day in time, one answer is definitely this: many never learned themselves, how to study scripture.

I have had the blessing of knowing several pastors, and I have been told there are actually subscription services some of them use. Instant sermons.

It took me a long time to establish the habit of studying the Bible, and I am still working on consistency.

It is always fun to find something new (new to me) every reading and study session does that. I’ll be reading a portion I have read fifty times, and still glean more, but that is only if I approach it with an expectation of learning something. I have always been a reader. I’ve read thousands of books in my 56 years, but in this e-everything world, it can be really hard to get the spigot just right. It is often like drinking from a fire hose. The electronic format has altered the way we. Write, and read. I use some apps mostly for Strong’s concordance, but I never took to doing my reading and studying the Bible on gadgets. Seeing a section within context is harder to do with screens. Scrolling, clicking, enlarging, going between tabs and books, for comparisons, and then finding your way back to the tab you were working from, if you even can!

I hope ya’ll don’t mind me reverting back to my random musings. I suspect I will refrain from most of the news for a while out of the necessity to keep what few marbles I still possess.

What are some of your favorite ways to approach studying the Bible?

What new things have you discovered or learned on subsequent readings from a passage you were already familiar with?





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