A new day and a new sheriff

I remember when George W Bush took office. I remember the relief I felt when Clinton left. I remember after 9-11 when that “There’s a new Sheriff in town” became popular on tee shirts, etc. Funny how we don’t even realize we have pinned our hope to a person. Yesterday as I watched the Trumps depart first from the White House, and then from the airport, I cried, and that surprised me.  It’s not that I am not a crier, but I don’t cry over celebrities, and people that I don’t even know, and never understood it when other people did it. However, yesterday was different.  It kind of felt like a divorce. Like Mom and Dad just can’t make it work, and Dad is moving out and that’s just how it is going to be, and it’s sad, but you must accept it, and you will get used to it.

I have had the same sense in situations such as church splits. When you stay for your first “business meeting” and it turns ugly and you don’t understand what is happening, but apparently there are factions that are pitted against each other. You hate what you are seeing and hearing as members as well as people you never saw before, start getting loud and not so Christlike. Your kids are there, and you don’t want them subjected to it, so you walk out in stunned disbelief. Innocent and completely unaware, other families also leave, then we get a call from a teacher or elder on Monday morning letting everyone know that the pastor and half of the church is leaving to start another church, and extending an invitation for you to join them.

Yep, I cried when the Trumps left because it was so good in America for those years before the takedown. Cried at how unfair it is, and yet they exited with class. The man worked harder than any paid government worker ever has worked, and did it without pay, by choice, with unbelievable levels of obstruction and resistance. I can’t see into Donald Trump’s heart, of course, but I do believe all those millions of Christians around the world who prayed for him during his time in office, changed him. Apparently he had his soft side that most of us never knew was there, when he came in, but when he left, there seemed to be a true humility that wasn’t there at the beginning.  I know sometimes it’s necessary to bluster. I could never reconcile the fumble-tongued, can’t get out of his own way Donald Trump with the guy who anonymously would help someone in need, and didn’t want anyone to know. Of course, all we know really about him, is what the alternative media and those who know him share, via that media. But no one ever worked harder than he and his family did for this nation. He was a better president than even Reagan, in my opinion.

So yeah, it felt really sad to me, and then I heard the first strains of “I Did it My Way” and laughed through the tears. True to form, he was thinking of the sad people, and included that bit of humor for our benefit, while also thumbing his nose at these who did him and all his supporters so dirty. I don’t think there are any movie endings that rival the poignancy of that leave-taking. I was happy to see he did have his red carpet, and the military lining both sides.  The way it was curtailed, well, a whole lot more people wanted to be there, and should have been there, but I guess most of those who attend a sendoff of a president are government people who worked with him and also their family members who want to participate in a piece of history, i.e., not everyday citizens like us.  The msm did their best to make him look bad, but they only made themselves look small and bitter.

Now, for the Biden “inauguration”, that was a joke. I didn’t watch it in real time, and didn’t listen to his speech other than snippets highlighted on Newsmax and a couple of the independent  news outlets that play on Youtube. But that parade was bone-chilling to me. It looked way too much like those ones we see over in North Korea and other communist nations, with massive numbers of military, as a show of force, and the only thing missing was the missiles and warheads and tanks that those other dictators like to display. They do it as a show to the rest of the world, but yesterday’s parade was a message to only one population. One specific group of people. Us. The conservatives, Trump supporters, Christians, Constitutionalists, Conservatives.

The Obama years were fraught with a lot of chatter about FEMA camps, False flags, and grave liners. It didn’t get as far as they had hoped during his 2 terms and Hillary was supposed to bring the rest to fruition, but Trump won instead,  I said in several posts that the left clearly had zero intention of losing, and they were so confident and sure, I knew if Trump were to prevail this time it would be an absolute miracle, which do happen, but I think is is just time for the rest of prophecy to move into fulfillment, and for that to happen, the U.S. has to be in the hands of the UN, the one global governmental entity that could be a precursor or body to facilitate the formation of the One World Government. Essentially. Now America is or soon to be under authority of the UN. You only have to consider the priorities of the ones who just took power. Agenda 2030? it’s 2021, that’s only 9 years away. With 7 years of that being the time of Jacob’s trouble, it seems like the most we could have before the AC, is a couple of years. If it is going to get as bad as this administration and their talking heads and tech giants want, I sure rather we don’t stay that much longer. It would be a very long couple of years.  But God has it worked out. Whatever we may be called upon to go through, He will go with us through it.

We are tired, and regardless of our perspective, the outcome of this election is very disheartening and disappointing.  People have to work through their anger and other feelings about it, but you cannot afford to get stuck there. We need to be alert. Vigilant.

As a person trying to create more awareness of the times we are in, it seems almost to me like  the unsaved are  generally more open to the possibility of this being the end times than Christians. I have a hard time understanding Christians who don’t want to even consider that this is the end. I’m not judging them, I just don’t understand why they would rather stay here than go be with the Lord. Sin-cursed earth in a still sin-cursed body vs freedom from the curse, and a glorified body like Jesus has?

I read a beautiful expression this morning on another blog about taking what time we have left and making sure we enjoy our days, and our moments with loved ones, rather than being preoccupied with things while our limited moments to be present with them are gone because life can slip away so fast. I “get” the point, and it sounds noble, but spending your life providing for your family, or persevering when “enjoyment” isn’t even on the radar, is even more noble.  Enjoyment is certainly a valid God-given concept, but there are people who are born into hardship, live their entire lives just struggling to find enough food to keep them alive, and “enjoyment” is just not an option.  People we love are important, but so are people who have no one who loves them.  The point was aimed at workaholics and worrier sorts, and those folks who are more diligent to pursue hobbies than to stay in touch with extended family, or make sure they maintain connection with their spouse and kids. But is also was, I think, a kind of a perspective that can only be had by someone who lives the American or European Westerner life where luxury is the norm, and basic human needs being met, is a given. A teen in North Korea who forages every day for grasshoppers, or doesn’t eat, doesn’t have the luxury of that kind of concern. She doesn’t even have a word for love other than for “Dear Leader” her dictator.

When we start to feel like we are being deprived, or have trouble accepting something like what happened with the election, it’s a good time to remind ourselves how good we have had it and still have it compared to many people in the world.

Ya’ll probably know these things and may not even need to hear this. For me, another reminder never hurts. Perspective is essential.

I appreciate your prayers for me as I administer this blog. I know that for a while I was mostly just posting links. Even when you think you are being vigilant and circumspect, the enemy can still manage to find your vulnerabilities and exploit them.

My husband pointed out that the even in regard to serving God, there are seasons, and the dormant seasons are part of that. They are legitimate. Sometimes you step back and wait for God to show you where you wandered off the path. Sometimes you know exactly what the problem is, but now a period of rest is called for. I hope you will continue to pray over this blog. I want to finish the race God has set before me. Things like technology and a slowing brain, difficulty with concentration, may make it a little tougher as time passes, but that doesn’t excuse me from the calling.

It’s been a hard couple of weeks, on the heels of a hard year.  No, I don’t think 2021 will be an improvement over 2020. Unfortunately. But there will be blessings too.

I’m so brain-dead right now I probably am not even making sense, lol. Anyhow, I’ve rambled enough. I hope you have some special moments with the Lord today. And think of things pleasant and good, from HIs Word, as well as blessings in your life, so you can have peace.

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