A day in the sunshine

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am in the process of going through and doing spring cleaning on this website. It’s the kind of thing a professional site pays others to do, because it’s time-consuming and tedious. But here, it’s just little ol me. My reason for initiating it is to get the site ready for those who may see it after we go home. I am pleasantly surprised that I have enjoyed the “stroll down memory lane” aspect. I hadn’t anticipated that perk, but it has been good for me. I know this blog hardly fits in any niche, as I tend to meander, but I did warn ya’ll early on that I am “changey” and random.

I’d like to get back to my original roots, or at least go back to incorporating a certain percentage of posts aimed at encouraging. I was in a different place when I started the blog. Not better, not worse, just different. Dynamics change.  They always will. Maybe eventually I will figure out how to offer it all in a more organized manner. With a wide array of topics, maybe assign days of the week to specific topics. For right now, though, I still have a lot of the cleanup yet to get done. Links don’t last forever, and if it is reblogged from someone else, and they delete their blog, you will have an empty page.

As I mentioned, it is tedious, so yesterday afternoon, it was so nice out, that I took a big chunk of the day and just enjoyed our own yard with my husband.. I thought I would share it with you guys. Like old times. –STL- a.k.a Shekinah-a.k.a. “Sheck”

Love my curvy sidewalk!

    The Hopewell area is very historic, and our neighborhood North West B Village, is the second oldest section that was built. 

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Hopewell was developed by the DuPont Company of Wilmington, Delaware in 1914. This company first built a dynamite factory and then switched to the manufacture of guncotton during World War I.

The homes in this neighborhood were built in the late 1930s

There are only a few brick ones, and we live in one of them. We figure those probably belonged to DuPont’s executives. It is very sound. 

Soldiers posing for historic war photo3

The first part settled was City Point, is where Ulysses S. Grant had his headquarters when he led the siege on Petersburg in 1864-1865 on the grounds of the Appomattox Plantation where the James and Appomattox meet.

DuPont facility circa 1912

Hopewell’s history spans 400 years and includes Algonquian-speaking Indians, Europeans and Africans.

Worm’s Eye View of one flower bed with my Dwarf Nandina Bushes. So pretty all year-round!

As you can see, I have not been up to much effort this year. No strength. Weeds and fall leaves are still in the mix.

I planted multiple colors of tulips out there, not sure why all are red! Soil condition?

Petersburg - Photograph shows railroad station and a view ...

1836-1850s – City Point Railroad Company forms and soon begins to operate one of the nation’s earliest lines, between City Point and Petersburg.

27 best Appomattox Manor, Hopewell, Virginia images on ...
Appomattox Manor, City Point
.Gen. Grant's Headquarters at Appomattox Manor, City Point ...

Grant’s Headquarters

I benefit to this day from gardening skills of the woman who lived here in the 30’s to the nineties!

A row of Sun flowers will provide a privacy fence!Cartoon Image Of Sunflower - cartoon image

Ivy finally starting to fill in on the whole fence!
Little Bit of playing with special effects lighting here, but the natural lighting contributed to the overall composition.
Rose bush is going to be pretty this year
Gorgeous Cabbage, will be cabbage soup tonight!
Lettuce, lettuce, and other kind of lettuce. My husband grows the food, I just do flowers.
There is stuff growing in that window box, you just can’t see it yet.
The Daffys were early!
Irises have multiplied a lot from just last year, they’ll be beautiful June-august!
The old coal bucket a neighboring household was throwing away! Crazy!


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