Leaps and bounds, or baby steps, just start

Forced Vaccination of the disabled is necessary, while covid testing of illegal immigrants is not.

As many states taper off the mask mandate, top Oregon health official considers an indefinite extension of masking and social distancing.

Studies are showing that variants of the Covid 19 are up to 8 times more prevalent in those who took the vaccine, than in those who did not.

15 days to flatten the curve, is now in it’s 16th month of home confinement, which for some, means solitary confinement, and the confusion that has been created by giving the populace conflicting statements on masking, efficacy of vaccines, death counts, is just a tiny slice of the plot. It is on purpose, and is meant to make people doubt their own minds.

The Bible says that a double-minded person is unstable in all their ways. That’s what the anti-God faction is going for. The more unstable, and fearful people are, the easier to control.

What percentage of each state is really convinced that Covid is so deadly that all these measures are necessary? I would really like to know. The ones in “official” status in any local or state government where the pretense is being maintained, they, these “leaders” know it is fake. Most of the average citizens don’t believe it, but will “go along to get along”.

The ones to whom the inconsistencies are glaringly obvious, look at the gullibility of the others, and just cannot make sense of why they are complying.

I have dealt with a few manipulatirs in my lifetime. Anyone who has, is probably in the head-scratching camp. But there are a few who are tormented by the lunacy they are witnessing, who know it’s bunk, but don’t understand that those people who obey these decrees really are blind.

I am the kind of person who has to understand and have answers to all of my “why’s”, so I am grateful that because as a born again follower of Christ, I have spiritual sight, and I don’t have that torment in this case.

It actually makes me grateful for those previous encounters with deceivers and manipulators. I marvel at God’s ability to use messed up things, to bring about blessing, understanding, safety….

The uncertainty of the days we are living in, does not have to make us anxious, but I can understand how it might, if you’ve not faced any major uncertainties prior to now. If that is you, do yourself, and anyone else who is counting on you a favor. I know we want someone to say something to reassure us, and we want to express our anxiety because it is sitting inside our gut, eating away. But it is just another lie we fall for, when we are convinced that helps. If simply verbalizing your fear feels absolutely necessary, talk to God. Out loud, if you can find privacy to do so.

Rehearsing your worries only makes your blood pressure go up. Telling the Lord about it at least reminds you He is right there in it with you.

Peace is there for the having. It is not a matter of spending x amount of hours reading the Bible and praying, though you need to do both, it is really a matter of doing one little thing, that once done, the rest tends to fall in place. What is that one thing?


That’s all.

Just like when you got saved, you stuck a toe in, and decided to place your faith upon the gift of salvation purchased by Jesus, and offered to you. The Christian walk is a series of taking a promise He has made, and saying, “ok, I choose to believe” God where He says He will never leave me or forsake me. I choose to believe I am of more value to Him than the birds He feeds daily, and the fields he dresses in flowers and pleasant greenery.

Like anything else in life, start with baby steps, and then just refuse to stop. When doubts creep in, kick them out. Intentionally tell your mind “no”.  Start reciting the blessings you have had in your life.

I don’t know how far things are going to go in this world before we are removed, but I do know it is just stupid to spend today thinking about the possibly bad things that could come, thereby throwing away the blessing of relative peace and calm you could enjoy today instead.

It pays to gain mastery over your thoughts and feelings and emotions. You first have to realize it is possible, even with mental illness, if maybe to a lesser degree.

These are crazy times. When Christians get fearful and despondant, Satan takes a victory lap. He has stolen all he is going to steal from me, and I am going to resist, so he will be forced to flee. It’s a promise of God, but a check that you leave between the pages of your Bible and never take to the bank and cash, what good is that?


James 4: 7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

What do those two actions have to do with ine another? Submitting to God, and resisting the devil?

Do you believe God has power over everthing and everyone in His creation? I do! So why have I sometimes gotten full of anxiety?

Usually that happens when I have not stood in front of the mirror of God’s word for a couple of days. We walk away and forget what it says about us, our flesh, the world, Satan and particularly and most essential, what it says about God.

Resisting the devil can be as small as just redirecting your thoughts as soon as you realize you are starting to worry. Near to God is not a location where Satan likes to hang out.

Today is a good day to start exercising faith. God doesn’t necessarily ask you to spend time every day in deep study of scripture. You can hear from God by listening to a sermon by a preacher who preaches and teaches the word, while you do other tasks. Expository preaching is a dying skill.

You can listen to scripture based music, hymns, even instrumental tracks to old familiar hymns you “sing along with” in your mind.

Hymns are a sneaky way of learning the Bible. Verses set to music are the only method of memorizing that is easy for me. Second is cards with picture prompts. Third is exhaustigly writing and rewriting…

Those little investments, done over a lifetime, serve to arm and equip us.

No age is too late or too early. Start with little changes, baby steps. God sometimes grants for a new Christian to absorb knowledge and have deep understanding in a fairly short amount of time. The parable of the workers, where the master pays the latecomers the same wage as those who agreed to work the whole day for the same amount, isn’t just about our eternal rewards. You do you, the way God equipped you, just start today, because look around. The crazy multiplies exponentially week by week and we need that grounding anchor of faith so we won’t be buffetted by whatever might lie ahead for us. He is faithful Who promised.

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