Should Christians take vaccines that are derived from tissue of aborted babies?

I am sure there are Christians who could argue both sides. I will play devil’s advocate and provide some additional considerations that may not support getting the vaccine, but does push back against the argument against getting it. The truth is, if your kids are in their 20’s or younger, and had the recommended shots, chances are they have been vaccinated with something derived the same way already. It probablyIy goes further back than that, as greed has been around since the dawn of time, and there are always some who will not let a little thing like morality stand in the way of their prosperity. In the New Testament, Christians are instructed not to question the meat set before them, whether it was a sacrifice to idols. Don’t ask, and you have no guilt. But once you know, you are obligated by conscience, and accountable for possibly causing a weaker brother or sister to be emboldened to violate their own conscience. The big question mark is not so clearcut, as far as foreign DNA, if you consider the fact  Christians receive transplants and blood transfusions. Many advances in pharmaceuticals and medical procedures, depend upon the use of cadavers, whether we ever knew it or not. But those people had given consent. Babies being murdered in the very “sanctuary” of the womb, have no say, and stem cells can be obtained, with consent, from the living. DNA from a baby aborted in the 70’s, the baby’s spirit went back to the Lord, and the tissue that remained after the spirit had no more need of it, is going to turn back into it’s elemental molecules by fire or decomposition under the ground. A Bible is sacred to a Christian, and life is sacred. But the Word itself does not consist of the paper, ink, and leather (faux or not), that it is conveyed upon. The Word is a thing, (and a person), unto itself. The paper and ink are just the instrument employed to pass the information from the mind of God, to the minds of mankind through their eyes. All organic matter has existed in various forms since creation. A few basic building blocks ( remember the periodic table?) arranged and combined myriad ways accounts for everything. H20 is water, H2O2 is peroxide.  By combination of elements and arrangement of molecules, we can create vastly different compounds, using mostly the same molecules. Like the difference between a one dimensional circle and a 3 dimensional sphere.

But Messenger RNA has a specific purpose, and interaction with the individual’s own immune response, and their own MRNA.  The concern has to do with how aggressive the modified MRNA in the Covid vaccine is, as compared to one’s own MRNA. Scientists, vaccine experts on the anti covid-vax side, allege that the modified MRNA of the vaccine will override your body’s own natural MRNA response, from then on. It is ostensibly calibrated to kill the one Covid Virus strain, but the way viruses work, is they mutate to circumvent the antibodies your body forms to fight them. The new MRNA takes over, but he is only specific to the initial strain and will not prevent the vaccinated person to mount an immune response to the variant strains coming down the pike. It’s a little like international espionage between enemy nations. My money is on God’s creation, as far as the body figuring out how to circumvent the damage to ones entire immune system function, which the vaccine is said (by the anti-vax scientists)to cause.  However, the media continues to skew the narrative to program the masses, so they will become fearful of a certain (bad) outcome, that the same media will later say is indeed happening. And just yesterday and this morning there are already articles about people getting covid after fully vaccinated. It’s so predictable, and yet, they have succeeded in making a lot of people terrified. How is the average citizen to know what is true and what isn’t. Again, confusion makes people question their own judgment. If you had no intention of taking the vaccine before you read this, did you find yourself wondering if you should reconsider? I have to believe it probably doesn’t matter at all whether you get it or don’t get it. The point is, the goal is confusion and division. Mission accomplished. Right? Can’t a God who defies the standard ” laws of nature” and parts the red sea for Israel, not defy the “laws of chemistry, biology, virology” and prevent the intended damages? 

I have seen zero flu stats this year. How about you?  I think more than anything we need to guard against believing either extreme, because it’s a shell game. Every decision we make as Christians, we pray, research, make a decision to the best of our ability based on our limited understanding, and we count on the Lord’s ability to take it from there.

All that said, I don’t intend to get the vaccine because it is basically a “clinical trial” in progress and there is no way to give informed consent with so many conflicting statements being made by so-called experts. We live in Oz now.   `\_(%°)_/'

The article below gives you the flip side

The Christian Case for Not Taking the Vaccine


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