And on it goes

This is what I have learned in scanning today’s news. (I’ve hit my limit already!)

UFOS are real and cannot be explained by any existing earthly technology, building collapsed in Miami-Dade, Bridge collapsed in DC. Parents at an open forum Loudin County, VA schoolboard meeting to which they were invited, and   scheduled to speak, threatened with arrest, and one was arrest did occur after statements were made that schoolboard didn’t like. Prepositioned deputies and police entered and declared it an “unlawful assembly”.  This sort of  jackboot thuggery is growing extremely bold after so much unquestioned compliance

Meanwhile in Fairfax, VA toddlers babies, young students are invited to meet the Drag Queens for story hour, and Sesame Street introduced a new two-dad family as the latest addition to the Sesame Street ” family”, and the military under Biden will pay for sex change surgery even while wounded veterans are on waiting lists for legitimately needed treatment, and many remain homeless.

Drought in 90% of U.S. west while flooding hits Mexico, and masses of more birds are falling dead out of the sky (5G?).  Israel, where vaccine compliance is very high, is now seeing a renewed surge of cases in those already vaccinated. Young people, scores of them and particulrly males, are suffering myocarditis after the jab, and the new buzzword is the “Delta variant” which the current vaccines are useless against. Israel finally has the iui r new government, and a lot of them feel towards Israel as those who are traitors in American leadership do towards the USA.

Biden rescinded Israeli sovereignty over the Golon yesterday.

The EU has declared abortion a human right.

The Roman Colloseum is being restored (just in time), while Evangelicals are being recruited as influencers to persuding the people to comply in taking the vaccine. Biden’s admin is working hard to officially label all conservatives and Christians as domestic terrorists, who will require “de-programming” and re-education. The left has no patience for dissent and will not tolerate it, particularly in regards to “Critical race theory” and the rising backlash over it. How fast can a nation go from where we are now, to full-blown revolt or revolution, which would only give the powers-that-be an excuse for another lockdown.

America is now at a debt level of $800,000 per taxpayer.

There is one Jan 6 “insurrectionist” who is a military vet, and pepper sprayed peoplehe thought were antifa who were attacking cops. He has been held since March, moved 4 times to different states, has non-Hodgkins lymphoma and is being denied treatment. 

It seems like everything is accelerating and anything could happen at any time. That convinces me we only have a little more pushing-through left before us, but it might be really rough. God is sifting and separating. This world has only just begun to feel the initial shaking.

The good news is, even though America is collapsing, indeed all order is diminishing across the globe,  God has an over-arching universal plan. He made a way for escape from the ultimate horrors coming on the earth, and eternal hell after.

Jesus is the way. He is the ark. The only protection. Don’t put it off. Get saved today. Time is running out quickly.

Come, Lord Jesus.






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