FDR’s dream re-engaged, first official surrender of US sovereignty?

Revitalized Atlantic Charter

International entities no one voted for are controlling more  every day.

This is lumping America into a region with other nations, and elevating all these bodies to authority over them, to be headed by folks neither nation voted for!

This is what Biden just signed us on to a few days ago with Boris Johnson to address multiple crises. No submission to or vote by congress. As if these two men owned their respective nations, or were kings. Wow!

Will we be the newest “EU” type union? Is this another purpose of the manufactured border crisis? This is a treaty, which is supposed to be voted on by congress. Biden is getting by with it by denying that it is a treaty. Truly this is an Obama 3rd term. One expectation will be disarmament of America.

This is called the “Monet method”: Monet was the  author of the EU model. Nations exchange their military for free trade, surrender sovereignty and your own currency. This (ten toes) is the segueway to one world order. The end goal is to make America resemble states such as the Philippines. Totalitarianism. Citizens will be expected to obey the government.

Clearly our governments have been doing all sorts of things they don’t bother to inform us of.

Even current international law is being ignored. Lawlessness abounds, and opression and  persecution are spreading. Things that are not crime are being called crime and punished accordingly. Actual criminals are given freedom.

They will reward those who report dissenters, creating incentive to tattle.

Canada is now applying hate speech penalties to internet content, with fines as high as $70k.

Blogs, self-published content, even comments will be subject to gov’t approval, with heavy fines, house arrest, ankle monitors and incarceration. The terms are vague and subjective, as are the definitions of the alleged crimes. This includes “thought crime” or even the suspicion of such. What’s more, people can report anonymously.

The oppression and persecution will come here. The IRS was weaponized under Obama, and now it is again targeting Christian nonprofits.


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