If I may make a suggestion…

Every once in a while someone will ask me how I find all of these sources of info, no need to be impressed. A little over 10 years ago I discovered Rapture-Ready. After I started my blog, any time I read an article or commentary piece, I would click around on that sorced site, and get a flavor of what sort of content they put out. If it seemed to carry a lot of stuff on certain topics, I went to it’s home page and bookmarked it. Almost every article on the internet has embedded links to the place they discovered the material, so if I clicked and found relevent stuff there, I clicked to it’s home page and bookmarked that one. Over time, I had to create a folder to corral all the links to sources. Sometimes I have had to delete some, because I could and often would spend hours following the bread-crumb path and discovering stuff. Since the literal web of info sources I use could be wiped out probably with a flip of a switch, never accessable again, many  conservative and Christian (free) news and info providers persistantly plead for their subscribers and followers to get on their email list. That way if the internet access is ever blocked, and as shadow banning and cancelling escalate, there will be a way for you to still get crucial info.

One of my main objectives has always been not to just provide information to readers, but to inform as many as I could, where to find that info for themselves. Those sources are the real news. Consider this site sort of like a commercial for all the sites and sources I read and scan regularly. You know, sometimes funny, sometimes confusing, but at least no wardrobe malfunctions, right?

Little sites with smaller audiances are not so threatening to the infopolice. We may be able avoid the radar a little longer. They are the heart and vascular system, we little guys are the capillaries. Little, but crucial as the  final link to the ultimate target: readers!

So that is my suggestion if you haven’t already begun building your own virtual ” index” of places on the web you can go to. There are other ways to do that, readers and aggregators, social media of course, I guess this is one for us over-fifty folks that don’t love computers or aren’t up on some of those other ways to do it. We still remember ( more fondly each passing day) when there were only three T.V. channels, and one was our favorite, so we rarely even changed the channel.

My suggestion has it’s drawbacks. If I don’t check my email every day, I have to delete by the hundreds. News is stale within an hour. So if you go that route, I also suggest an email account dedicated solely to these info subscriptions, otherwise, you might miss an important email from the power company or the one forwarded by Aunt Eunice about not opening the door when you hear a crying baby because it’s just a recording and a ruse used by the escaped convict to gain access into your home so he can tell the black eyed children which house the gullible people live in, and Slenderman where the kids live and what time they get home from school, so he can time his visit before their parents get home from work. That one’s been circumventing the globe since at least 2008, but Aunt Eunice isn’t taking any chances.


This blog dies not endorse Slenderman, Black-Eyed Kids, or escaped convicts. It doesn’t even endorse Aunt Eunice.



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