Is it me, or can you almost see God wink at His Kids and say” Watch this”?

The “vaccine pass” measure will now be mandatory in France starting in August. Law passed.

The Biden brownshirt vaccine compliance goon squads are being instructed to pose as gov’t health officials, intimidate citizens, clear entire buildings to coerce the “hesitant”. What is next? Arrest and re-education? Medical kidnapping? My informed opinion is, that is exactly what is next. You won’t be able to text or email warnings to loved ones when the proposed screening and censorship via AI is implemented. They already are recording your conversations.

God keeps sending little clues and reminders to the world so they will have no excuse. The man in the whale’s belly a couple of weeks ago near Cape Cod, the targeted lightning strike that destroyed the George Floyd mural wall (and nothing else), and now God’s name written in vinesGod’s name written in vines, in the sacred text, on the eastern retaining wall on the Temple Mount.

Image via Israel365 News:

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There was the Noah’s Ark replica in Britain last month, preparing to embark on a tour, when the muckety-muck officials stepped in and saved the crew from themselves by deeming the ark ” not seaworthy”. Days of Noah.

There was the condo collapse in Fla, the first survivor pulled from the rubble was named Jonah.

Isn’t there something in the book of Matthew…yeah, Matthew 12:

38Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee. 39But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas: 40For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Riots in Cuba, riots in South Africa, Rioting Cuban-Americans in the U.S. There were nonstop riots all through 2020, and these all have to do with race and immigration. (Nation(ality) will rise against nation(ality)).

Russia and China are rattling their Sabers toward America, Israel’s enemies have been given a clear path to muster forces for attacking Israel. Officials in government are like rocks, turn any one of them over and you will see writhing worms and bugs. The sheer volume of evil is about a millimeter from overflowing its measuring cup, and the cup of God’s wrath will have no problem overtaking that evil.

And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. Daniel 8: 23

I do believe it is almost time for the curtain to open for the final act of this age. If I were writing a play depicting an imaginary template of how the final moments could go down, it might look like this:

The vax goon squads will roll out in unimaginable numbers first in in currently blue states where the vaxxed majority will be enlisted and encouraged to report, shame, pressure and persecute the non-vaxxed and at the same time, the propaganda news will bombard the public with reports of pockets of  new variants suddenly popping up like mushrooms, and also will make it seem like even the “experts” are terrified at how lethal and unmanageable this is. It will kill most of what policemen are left in liberal areas, and utterly decimate the healthcare providers.  A whooooole bunch more scientists and doctors will “go missing”. Vaccines and proof of vaccine are then made mandatory in U.S. and globally.   Enter FEMA. That rollout of new arms of Capital Police will be given command of state and local police, the scouts (vac-goon squads) are literally doing recon right now so the blueprint can be drawn up as to how to proceed logistically.

In the chaos, whatever fate they planned for the occupier of the oval office (sleepy JB) will be initiated. Some global body will declare a global martial law of sorts, deem all national and state Constitutions null and void, and install whomever has been chosen into power over the U.S. (and probably Canada and Mexico) in liu of Kacklin’ Kammy, We all know who is most likely. He won’t  be called president because this is the new order. Borders will be erased and rearranged. If there is some form of kill switch in the administered vax designed for simultaneous activation, it will happen once new regional powers are established. In the midst of the global panic, many will murder their own families then commit suicide. Of anyone who manages to evade that first wave of chaos, those who planned ahead will scramble toward pre-planned bug-out locations. Those with no contingency plan, city dwellers particularly, will be looting and shooting indiscriminately. The demons that posess so many, will go utterly crazy inside them. The bizarre and chilling nakedess and cannibalistic behaviors we saw during the tide of  early flakka/ bath salts usage will be going on all around.

With America thusly occupied, the threat to Israel will increase exponentially, forcing some of those yet unfulfilled Old Testament prophecies to be fulfilled. For a while every semblence of law and order will just vanish, the PTB has a lot of the stuff that will need to happen, all planned and arranged, all they need to have ready for rolling out the new system, is  ready to go right now if it were to start this very day. There will be a period of the 10 power blocks solidifying, but meanwhile a sort of repeat Hitler/Third Reich events and tactics on a global scale, and not just for Jews. As man’s planned chaos plays out over weeks or months, the groaning and shaking of the planet and the order of nature, will increase and grow in protest. All the bird deaths, earthquakes, Tsunamis, strange otherwordly sounds, will increase. That’s a lot, and it may seem like it would take months and years, but I don’t think so. Think of erecting a structure with kids building blocks or an elaborate domino and marble course.  Planning, building,  always takes much longer than the destroying. The financial reset could be anywhere in the timeline.

We have to accept the possibility of seeing some of it, but God knows the timing down to the minutist millisecond, or twinkling-of-an-eye, lets say and I think we will be caught up out of here right in the midst of the craziness.

That’s just an America-centered possible snapshot.

But that whole scenario is just an example, and only one way I imagine it might go. One way it definitely won’t go, is the way the globalists have envisioned!

Exciting times! Perilous times!

Glory to God, glory to His Son. Thy kingdom come, Lord

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