Exaggeration is not helpful

 There are a ton of websites where good prophecy-pertinant news and information can be gleaned, but some just can’t seem to stick to the facts as they are, without embellishment or exaggerationn.

I read a story this morning about an executive order put in place by  Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee. The article claimed that the EO authorized national guard to “break into your home, kidnap you at gunpoint, and haul you off to internment camps.”

I read the EO. It authorizes National Guard to administer tthe Covid test. That’s all it authorizes them to do.

It authorizes retired medical personnel to be reactivated to practice without re-testing, allows EMT’s and others with medical training to work in hospital setting and authorizes nursing student graduates who have yet to take board exam to be utilized in medical setting. It makes similar provisions regarding medical lab workers and licensing if ambulance drivers. It waives the requirement for a specifically-Tennessee nursing license, as long as a nurse has a license from any other state. It makes provision for payment to facilities should they be temporarily designated for Covid-related use and it allows the ever- ongoing state Health Department inspections of medical facilities, and investigation of complaints against licensees, to be temporarily suspended in order to free up facility staff and those inspectors (who themselves are often licensed in the medical field), to also join the efforts against covid.

There is a provision regarding mental health services, but doesn’t pertain to patients, only to staffing, and impelenting telehealth, avoiding in-person contact when possible.

Are FEMA camps real? Yes, I  researched and read the government documentation surrounding that topic during Obama’s first two terms. But a lot if what was clamoured about back then, never happened. Just because some endeavors of our ” public servants”, (not leaders) have nefarious motives behind them, does not mean they will be carried out. Just because some people in government agencies have the morality of Josef Mengele, does not mean they will get by with his atrocities. The saying goes “evil prevails when good people do nothing, but from a scriptural standpoint, the the more accurate statement would be “evil only prevails when righteous people fail to be salt and light”.

I am all for being informed, obviously, but the enemies of conservatism, liberty, and faith are doing a fine enough job of keeping things murky without the conservative side muddying the waters even more.

Here is the EO. See for yourself.

Images: screenshot

Nobody is perfect, and there is so much going on, it really isn’t easy to keep up and to always vet everything to the nth degree, but this kind of thing erodes credibility.

At least that is probably just an honest mistake, and rooted in genuine concern.  The following two items, however, stem from arrogance in the guise of concern.

Bennett’s Rosh Hashanah threat: If people don’t get vaccinated, they won’t hear the shofar

Zuckerberg’s vision for the future of religion

It boggles the mind. God created the amazing minds of scientists, doctors, innovators, but they don’t even acknowledge his existance. Kind of like Gerry “The Penguin” Nadler when he said ” the will of God is of no concern to this congress”. That’s arrogance.

The cares of this world can’t dampen our anticipation of the trumpet call and shout! They profess to be wise, God calls them fools.  They think they are superior, God says the evildoers will be cut off and those who wait upon the Lord will inherit the earth. The globalists do not win. So don’t worry!

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