How does nearly an entire world population fall prey to an intentionally perpetrated delusion?

I discovered the video beliw via this article at It’s an interesting read. (You should check it out).

The video is full of what is commonly referred to as psychobabble, but if you can get past that, it does essentially describe the stages in the process of generating mass psychosis. However, from the spiritual perspective, it isn’t the elite who have cast this spell. Satan himself has been setting up this deception and snare for thousands of years. Those whom we tend to blame and are inclined to direct our anger at, are the most deluded players of all. We should keep that in mind. They actually believe they have thwarted God. The solution offered in the video, for breaking the hold of the mass delusion, is flawed in that it fails to consider God’s hand and purpose in sending strong delusion clearly referred to in scripture. No human could have released King Nebuchadnezzar from a madness imposed upon him by God, only God could. Likewise mankind will not overcome the power of the delusion being thrust upon them via this manufactured global pandemic by the god-rejecting haters of truth, nor will they extricate themselves from the circumstances the plandemic was explicitly designed to facilitate.  The citizenry are forfeiting freedom hand over fist because their reasoning is addled by terror. We have watched it happen. Fear is a powerful motivator. God commanded His people to fear not! Evildoers will be cut off. But man it is fascinating to see this take place, while viewing it through the lens of scripture, IU sn’t it?  It makes me that much more thankful for the Word, and glad that God gives “eyes to see” to those who are willing to see. What a patient God we have!

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