The truth is getting out despite the massive effort to prevent it

Under Obama, many, many doctors stopped private practice and shifted to being employees of the hospitals. That allowed them to work their hours and go home and have a life outside of work. Doctors have had their ability to practice curtailed more and more for decades anyway. The HMO’s, government, insurers, have tied their hands. The doctors have to pay off their student loans, they have to pay for their malpractice insurance, many doctors with integrity can’t in good conscience treat patients according to parameters dictated not by science but financial incentive in a system that views patients purely in terms of profit and loss,  and have left medicine altogether. Nurses, any healthcare worker with a conscience are resigning over this. That’s not good for the millions who need care for their very real medical needs. The evil of this boggles the mind!

Attorney Thomas Renz Drops BOMBS! Hospital Administrators Killing For Cash, Threatening Docs



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