What’s in a number?

If anyone has any doubt whether America is under condemnation with God right now, He is making Himself very clear. If you are watching coverage, one thing you can’t miss is the defiance in the words, voices and attitudes. I can’t say I am innocent of similar attitude and sentiments. To quote one former U.S. serviceman

“Since when does America take orders from the Taliban? The Taliban doesn’t tell American’s what to do. America tells the Talibon what to do!”

If anyone is entitled to feel that way, it’s our combat vets, but as a nation, there is no acknowledgement nor even appeal to God other than the hollow “God bless our troops”. Too few who toss that out there even believe in God.

13 dead. Do you know what that number is associated with in scripture?

Lawlessness and rebellion!!

This is no reflection or condemnation on those troops we lost, nor even rank and file servicemembers. Historically the military guarded against allowing politicization of the military. But it has been creeping in for decades. It mushroomed under Obama, and in this, his 3rd term, it has saturated the upper ranks.

That said, what is happening to our troops and allies in Afghanistan is excruciating to witness, and I can’t imagine what those involved are feeling, not to mention our combat vets.

If anything positive comes out of this, there is finally something both sides of the political aisle (among the people, if not the congress) are in agreement on, all are outraged and furious.

The one to appeal to is not Joe Biden, we must appeal to God’s mercy on behalf of all those in harms way in this. Meanwhile, a major storm is headed up the gulf toward Louisiana. We may as well accept that at some point there will be multiple simultaneous catastrophic events.

Don’t lose sight of the context of the end times we are living in. America has a lot to answer for, and I am afraid the tragedy of this is only just beginning. I have been asking God for mercy and a miracle. Even in His wrath He has been known to have mercy.


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