Shake it Off?

This past week has been a real gut-punch for America, and the rest of the world were not unscathed. Coming at us like an abusive husband, it knocked the collective breath out of an already battered, punch-drunk populace, and like a repeatedly battered wife, we took it. Those on the outside looking in, can’t comprehend “why we stay”, why we put up with it, and much like a battered, beaten down wife, we can’t articulate any comprehendable answer to that question ourselves. But these abuse stories don’t always continue in perpituity until the battered wife is dead. Sometimes, that beaten down wife remembers who she used to be, and she reaches way deep down inside and musters up a determination she never knew was there. Driven by the momentum of long-accumulated rage, sometimes the battered wife becomes a force to be reckoned with that nothing can stop, because she has nothing left to lose, and death itself would almost be a relief, but why should she be the one to die? Somehow all the clouds and fog of her worn-out mind dissapate, and the clarity of comprehension breaks forth like the sun, and she knows she will no longer be submitting. She is diminished, certainly. She is weary, and bruised, but she realizes that she is not broken beyond hope of mending. It won’t be easy, but she’ll do it. She will do it. But first she has to find the courage to walk out into a huge and formidible unknown. That is the start. How, though? How can she find her way back from the ruins her life has become? Where to even start? By tracing her life back to where it first went off the rails. She used to have dignity. She used to have faith in God and honor Him in the way that she lived.  She used to live her life within the parameters of a set of higher standards. She got complacent, started to compromise her morals. She had proceeded with n awareness of Him, knowing that she would answer to Him, and that tended to keep her between the lines.

It is now or never. If she doesn’t do something right this moment, something tells her she won’t live to see another day. She has tolerated too much. She has compromised too much. She doesn’t know how she will do it, but she has decided she will do it and that’s a start. Nobody else is going to come rescue her from the utter mess her life has turned into. She’s way down. Rock bottom. She has made her choice. She will do it or die trying. She will start with getting re-acquainted with her Creator. She needs what only He can provide. She can’t do this on her own. That’s the first step. There are no gaurantees as to how much recovery is possible. She’ll never again be who she was before, but that’s ok. Lord willing she’ll at least be wiser. She  bows her head and starts a conversation that is very long overdue. It starts, can only start, with owning it and admitting she has really screwed up, and asking God to forgive her for ever thinking she could get it right without Him to begin with.

(Cue the sound of a record being scratched here)

America still has a pulse, but unless and until as a nation, America gets over herself and realizes “we the people” is who put ourselves into this condition,  acknowledges God and humbles herself before Him, she unequivocally will die. There are many  people who have repented on behalf of this nation and pleaded with God on their knees, but the vast majority want nothing to do with God. As much as we (democrat, republican, libertarian) are sickened by and disgusted with the ” civil servants” who fancy themselves little-g gods, they are only a  mirror reflecting what America has become. Every man for himself.  All throughout the Bible, God gave the people the kind of leader they clamored for. America’s days are numbered, whether there is repentance or not, but humbling herself as a nation even now, might cool God’s righteous judgment and limit how much worse things get. But unfortunately people do often have a sick addiction to an abuser. Satan is your enemy. The pleasures of sin are only for a moment. In the end, they only lead to death and destruction. We all want to be our own gods? How’s that working out for us so far?

What do you have to lose by turning to God individually? It will change everything about how you see the world, because without God, you are blind, naked and destitute. If you don’t believe that, you will know it sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile there are a lot of innocent kids whose lives, and whatever future they might have, we are wrecking and allowing to be wrecked. Us pesky Christians will be out of the world’s hair soon. If you are reading this after we are gone, I pray God opens the eyes of your understanding. Satan is mankind’s worst enemy, and whether you realize it or not, Satan is your father. But you can be adopted and have God as your father instead. If you are reading this after the Christians and babies and young children are gone, you can still turn to God, but you will probably pay with your life. That will be a relief, because the conditions will be hell on earth, and as long as you stay alive, you will be hunted. By the likes of those who are proudly touting covid camps in Australia,  monitored by the likes of big tech tycoons on behalf of the government. You will be subject to a social credit score system everywhere you go on earth like has been in use in China for about a decade already. You will be restricted in your movement, travel, ability to work and you will not get a paycheck. How? By some mark in, not on, in your right hand or forehead. Your phone is continually gathering information about you. All they have to do is take that tech, and put it in your body instead, to replace your phone. No more keeping up with that. All of the functionality will be integrated with your body. Can you look around and see that everything about the “pandemic” has created conditions that bear an eerie resemblence to the “crazy” conditiins I have just described?

Do you recognize the fact people seem to be getting divided into different segments in society? Each side thinks the other side have lost their mind. It’s not some deep state genious who came up with that plan and unleashed it on everybody on Earth. The Holy Bible calls Satan a deceiver. The “author of confusion”. God is allowing those who refuse to acknowledge truth, to be confused. And look around. Look in the Whitehouse and Capitol building and what they just allowed. That government sending those checks, doesn’t care about you. Those checks are cheese in a mousetrap. This ship is going down.

God’s tossing you a life vest. You gonna take it, or drown?




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