Mind if I ramble a bit?

I tell you, going through my blog, doing some more of the housekeeping stuff that I want to have done before we leave here, and hopefully the blog will still be of some help to some people after the church is raptured. There that has been investment in this blog. And going through sections and aspects of it, is in some ways, like a walk down memory lane. The many options and new-fangled “perks” that WordPress continually generates are astounding. I guess I am officially old, because I can’t keep up, and I don’t want to change anything about the look or the menu or the theme, because my brain has no more patience with having to keep track and adapt.

As I write, hubby has already gone to bed, and Sammy is barking at something in his sleep. One son is thousands of miles away in the Middle East, and the other is 2 hours away in his nest with his wife and the new baby. The world is going crazy, but I am peaceful. I don’t do half the stuff I want to get done most days, but I am blessed to be able to just do stuff at my manageable pace.

I have had a lot of interaction with fellow believers via WordPress. There are a lot of good blogs, and other type of websites, and a lot of good people doing the work of informing, warning, encouraging, teaching, glorifying the Lord, and having an impact.. It will be fun to “catch up” when we get up there for the big family reunion. I have been detaching from this world for a looooooong time.

Every night when my head hits the pillow, I think of that next life. I think “soon I will see Jesus face to face!”.

I have 668 tags on my blog. I have written and posted about a lot of different stuff. That is not surprising. I have always said if we were all purses, I would be a hobo bag. That’s any bag that has no compartments, everything and everything is just in there mixed together. I know men have compartments, especially in regards to the way their brain works. I have no compartments, but a lot of interests and way too many thoughts.

I had made well over 6000 posts. After weeding out the ones that had missing videos and dead links, I think I had gotten down into the 4500 range, but already it’s back up to just over 5000 again. I have been working on that for at least a year now.

The blog has been visited 384,702 times by people in 202 countries and territories, even Iceland and Greenland!  That amazes me. Not because of me, but because of what God may do with it.

I am grateful for every one of the people who have visited, commented, followed and shared. It has been humbling and it has been a great blessing, and God isn’t finished with it yet!

Counting my blessings!





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