Just a glance

I glance at the headlines on many any of the same news and prophecy websites I have followed for years, only now it’s every other to every third day.

It is like working near a toxic chemical spill. The exposure has to be kept limited, and it only takes a whiff to know the demise of civilization continues apace and that our redemption can’t be far off.

I am thankful right now for the endurance God allowed to be developed through many long-haul difficulties in life that make this kind of “just pressing on” set of living conditions feel pretty normal to me, otherwise I don’t think I would  likely be bearing up well these days.

He mercifully broke me of the imagined thought of “having the control”, way back. It’s a very liberating realization once you see it. I am thankful God knows how He wired me.

It is interesting to see that people are suddenly/ finally pushing back against tyranny all over the world, even while certain parts of the west that have been previously known for freedom, have been pushed further than ever before toward squashing of liberty and personal choice via the scamdemic. It makes sense that the people had to be turned against government and that a call for reformation had to go up. It’s creating the set-up for the guy with all the answers to enter stage left.

I know we are the bride, and the end of this age will mean triumph for us. I never planned or even wanted a big elaborate wedding in my day, but have read about the stress and fatigue that often  surround planning and preparing for “the big wedding day” in this current realm. This time we are going through though, feels more like a drawn out war, right? I have read enough books by survivors of war, to get a sense of how much it can strip down. Those who live to tell the tale often say how surprised they are at what remains of life when all but the bare fundamentals are gone, and yet life remains. It is like discovering that life is something completely different than what you previously conceived it to be, and like finding a novel treasure. Simplified, distilled to it’s essence. Suddenly people start to see what matters and what doesn’t.  Some people have started to have some blinders stripped off.  It’s all very interesting and fascinating to witness. It’s kind of like God saying “watch this…..!”

God says He laughs at evildoers and those who set themselves against Him. Well the “powers that be” have been showing out on that score like crazy these past couple of years on a global scale, and the more arrogant like Soros Clause Schwab, Jeff Besos, ZuckerBorg, the G20, the UN, J’oBama, et al become, the calmer I feel because along with all of ya’ll that read this blog and follow the other ministries and news that I do, we all see how far past the line those despots have gone and we know they are standing in a minefield, yukking it up, elbowing one another, laughing at us “suckers and useless eaters” while we see they are seconds away from anihilation. They mistake our (figurative) “stunned silence and horrified expressions” to mean we are defeated and broken, and far past putting up a fight, when in reality we’re just bracing for the “Earth Shattering Kaboom” of the wrath of God we know is coming.

Perspective is everything!  And the only source of true perspective to be found for this day or any other, is the Holy Bible! I just want to thank God for giving us His Word!

When it’s all said and done, it’s the only news that matters! So don’t anybody beat yourself up over not wanting to stomach it any more.

It’s pretty much all over but the weeping and gnashing of teeth for the bad guys. For the rest, it’s all about the rescue mission of the gospel. Forget prepping. Prepping is about saving self. I know how it ends for me, and for all the other fellow believers who are awake and watching. Throw out as many life jackets as possible (the gospel), to give people a fighting chance of making it to the lifeboat (Jesus).

–S.T. “Shekinah 419” Lloyd- ’til next time!

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