10-13-2021 Current Event Q & A Part 10

I am sharing this Rock Harbor Q and A with a caveat or disclaimer. This is a good source of info for anyone who feels led to take up this fight with an employer. It could be said that this pushing back is standing against evil, however, one might also ask, isn’t this   inevitable as we clearly are watching the rising new world order? So my sharing this doesn’t constitute any particular opinion on my part. I think what raises red flags or gives me a bad vibe is pastor Brandon’s indignation and occasional tinge of sarcasm, which are understandable, but it doesn’t feel humble. It’s not my place to question what his call is, I guess I just want to make clear I am neither pushing for or against a “legal crusade”. Basically he seems to be trying to facilitate that.   –STL

Rock Harbor Church 10-13-2021 Current Event Q & A Part 10

Source: 10-13-2021 Current Event Q & A Part 10

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