Groans that cannot be uttered

The Bible says the Spirit intercedes for us with groans that cannot be uttered. I just watched this message by Billy Crone on his ongoing series about the prevalence of the occult and how satanists even use the church.  I think I can almost understand the gist of what that Romans 8 passage is referring to, wherein the Holy Spirit intercedes with those unutterable groanings, as there are no sufficient words I as a human could find with which to formulate a prayer about the subject matter as I listened to what Pastor Billy described, the horrific evil. I say a very hearty amen that the church doesn’t help matters by keeping our mouth shut and pretending this stuff doesn’t exist. Frankly, I had a visceral reaction this past week when I heard about the public rape on a Philly Train witnessed by people, who videotaped it, but did not intervene, nor even call 911.

I felt anger go all over me. I felt anger at all the weak spineless men I know, and every weak spineless man all the way back to Adam, when I heard that news item. But the reason that man could rape a woman on a train in broad daylight while no one intervened, is because the church stopped being salt and light. WE. All of us who claim to be saved, going all the way back to the book of Acts when the church was born, we should be sickened by our own sinfulness and if we  annot understand that same vileness that played out on that train is our own nature, and the same evil Pastor billy describes in the video, is what we all are made of, if anyone calling themselves a christian doesn’t get the fact that is exactly the same nature we all have and the same depth of evil we are all capable of, then I’m not sure you truly understand what it is Jesus died for.  When you face up to evil and darkness of that magnitude, it is so good that the Holy spirit does your praying in those unutterable groans, because nothing whatsoever that my mind is capable of, can possibly begin to know how to pray against darkness like thff at. It is torture to even listen to it described. But by God, if children are living it, no decent human, and certainly no professing christian ought to have the privilige of being ignorant of that fact.

That’s the issue I have with Christians who consider prophecy to be “negative” and  cringey. How dare any Christian brush it aside with a glib “it will all pan out” attitude? People are suffering real torment at the hands of evil. God isn’t playing. He will not hold any Christian innocent who never cared for the eternal destiny of a single other soul but their own.

He won’t hold any pastor innocent who failed to warn and  equip his flock because he himself thought knowing the full ugly truth was beneath him, much less would he address the filth of the day we live in, but instead, promoted a mentality of personal holiness based on keeping far away from the world. How do you reach a world you refuse to touch or even see?

I pray for the few men left who are still being men as defined by God.

Just the same, Lord, come quickly!

Play nice!

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