The Coming Perfect Storm (Full)

Wow, this is clearly accurate modern prophecy in this 5 year old video. I may have to repent and reconsider and revisit Pastor Dana’s videos after listening to this! (what say you, Marcia@amomlookingup)? The 4 years he spoke of, a temporary bubble of calm, short lived, but enough time for believers to get ready, was the Trump years! And indeed, Christians have started standing up and pushing back. More still need to.Don’t overreact to media hype and spin. God has prepared you for your role in this time. Unsaved will be panicky and dismayed. Plan, prepare, but don’t panic. Simplify, streamline. Lots of specific instructions for now, and lots of specific predictions I was able to match with events that have indeed now come to pass. Islam in the White House by 2024! Redeem what the enemy has tried to steal from us, for the glory of God and His great Name’s sake. Wow, wow and just wow. He said the Lord showed him this in ’08. God called me to watchman ministry in 2009. I have noticed many of the watchpeople I follow on Youtube and in WordPress have said they too were called in ’09. Sure does encourage me to stay the course! Exciting things to come.

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