Please continue to pray

An update from my previous post about My Mom:
Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for my Mom to recover after hypoxemia experienced during vascular surgery she had Nov 29th. She has been in the hospital now over a month. Please pray for travel safety as I and other family members make the trip to be with and help her, and please lift up the good staff caring for her. Please pray for favor regarding the insurance obstacle course we are having to navigate, and especially please pray about the spiritual warfare vulnerabilities involved in all of the above.

She is making gradual progress, but still doesn’t have much strength or stamina, and really needs more time in inpatient rehab to be stable enough to go home, but insurance doesn’t want to pay and it’s requiring appeals processes. Concurrent with doing  that, I’ve also had to deal with a similar situation with my own insurance, doc and pharmacy in getting the med I require. I thank God the healthcare system is still functioning though.

Also, please pray for a family we know whose 25 year old son died from Covid 7 days ago. He was one of the the sweetest kids you ever met, a Christian, from a good family of sincere believers. We knew these days wouldn’t be easy. But sometimes it’s brutal. So important to encourage one another.

Here again is the address for my mom if you would like to encourage her with a card or letter, and thank you to all who have already done so. I think I left off the facility name last time, but she still got her mail.

Judy Thompson, Room 64,
Stonerise Center
1924 Glenwood Park Road
Princeton, WV 24739

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