Summer Days

Well, here we still are. It’s another summer. The world is still intact, such as it is. I keep hearing Mooch Obummer is gonna run for prez in 24. It makes me nauseaus every time.

It’s weird to grow accustomed to the lawless, disordered and illogical things that have been just accepted by so many as the new norm. It’s odd that to so many it doesn’t seem odd!!

We’re averaging a massacre every week in America now. The “crazy” meter is spinning faster every few days.

But I’m living my quiet life, thankful every single day.

I think I shared that Mom went back home. It’s hard when your parent still has enough capacity to know what they want, when you can’t determine for certain they understand all the implications. Do I honor by insisting on what’s best, or do I honor by respecting what remaining autonomy she has? That’s the quandry.  Her memory is so poor these days that she can’t hold all the aspects of a situation in her mind at once, to consider everything necessary to make a wise decision. Add other family members becoming involved (which needed to happen because she and I needed more help), but the added opinions and actions thrown into the equation took the decision out of my hands. In a way, I am thankful for that, but still can’t help being disappointed and concerned. As I expected, she was back in the hospital in a matter of weeks and isn’t doing well. But she is in her own home, which is what she wanted. My nephew is doing the best he can to meet her needs, and I am back to “case-managing” from distance.

Right now  hubby and I are taking care of our grandbaby when Daddy works and while Mommy is away on a month long training exercise. In a couple of weeks, Daddy will be also out of state for a week for Reserves training. Those two are determined not to have him in daycare any sooner than absolutely necessary, (so they work opposite schedules) and we are happy about that. They are stationed 2 hours away, but we are making it work and glad we can help.

He is nearly 9 months now, crawling, pulling up with ease, very curious and adventurous. It’s the first time he has been away from both parents over night, and that didn’t set well with him when morning came and he realized he’d not seen either parent. I love the fact that video calls exist. He was so happy to see Mommy’s face and hear her voice. My stomach hurt for her in empathy all week as her departure date loomed. She’s brave, stoic, determined, a very good Mom, and though she tried not to show it, I could see it was killing her to be away from him. She is ranking up to Sgt. Full time Army, full time Mommy, and getting her college degree in her “free time”. Our son is full hands-on Dad, works medical transport, does EMT hours every week, as well as weekend Reserves. I don’t even know how they make the math work out!

Air Force son is thriving as well. He also just ranked up to Sgt, and has one year left on his Bachelors in Mechatronics.

It’s very surreal to watch your own baby become a parent. Despite the fact it’s as natural as breathing, it is still a wonder to witness.

Air Force son is thriving as well. He also just ranked up to Sgt, and has one year left on his Bachelors in Mechatronics.

Enough of proud grandma.

Here are my recent few projects, whittling, a painting of my best friend’s grandaughter, and a summer wreath:

My friend is a bona fide “crazy chicken lady”. I have painted each of her grandkids, and the chickens have become a required feature, lol.

And here’s my wreath. I got the idea from a youtube video.

It looks kind of lopsided to me in this photo because that top right side has white flowers that cover some of the pink, plus I think some of the flowers on the lei got pushed behind the wreath when I hung it. The white flowers blend right into the bright white background. I used a pool noodle for the wreath base. The noodle won’t break like the foam wreaths can, plus it made a bigger wreath. It’s a little bigger than a foot and a half diameter. It’s made of all dollar store stuff. I love peacocks and flamingos, but this is the first time I have gotten on a flamingo kick in my crafts. If you make the wreath, I used clear packing tape to adhere the straws in between the flowers to the pool noodle. Hot glue melts the noodle. The youtuber used pins, I think. Also, I did have to cut 2 of the leis, because the noodle made a bigger wreath. If you do the wreath and cut it, I suggest a dab of hot glue where the string goes through each of the two flowers, between which you choose to cut. This is so you don’t lose several flowers when you cut it. It was a fun, easy, quick project that cost under $20.

A few goodies from the garden for a friend!

I hope you all are having a blessed summer so far!

Play nice!

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