U.S. South Korea live-fire war exercise near N.Korean border

The armies of the US and South Korea today began the largest land exercise shared by the two armies in many years. The exercise was held less than 30 km from the tense border with the enemy from the north – and includes live fire.-(Tsarfati)

Reuters Screengrab


Less than 20 miles from the fortified border with North Korea, a combined force of South Korean and U.S. troops held a major live-fire exercise on Wednesday with artillery, tanks and other weapons as the allies step up their practice for war.

South Korea and the United States have resumed the largest field exercises in years after diplomatic efforts and COVID-19 restrictions led to many drills being scaled back.

The allies see the exercises as a key part of their efforts to deter North Korea and its growing nuclear arsenal, but North Korea has called them a rehearsal for war and they have faced criticism even in South Korea and the United States.

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