Once in a while

I know that readers come and readers go. Some of you read on your laptop and some do everything on your smartphone. Every so often, I like to let readers know that there’s much more content on here than the main page. If you view on smartphone, the format doesn’t show all that is on the menu. You have to click in the “hamburger” the stack of lines at the top of the page, to access a drop-down menu in order to see and access the other pages. Different writings, other resources and websites I follow. Some of those links probably need to be updated or deleted, but you may still find some other good sites to check out.

My memoir page is something I add to occasionally and don’t announce. So even if you’ve read it, you may want to check back occasiinally.

I am sure you can guess I am no tech wiz or I’d have all the “sites I follow”, etc links cleaned up, and be taking advantage of social media. Been there, done that, just can’t keep up. I reckon if the Lord wants that, He’ll send somebody along to do it. If not, well there are advantages to flying under the radar and reaching a small audiance. Censorship is real. (Sadly).

Play nice!

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